Your Guide to Indoor vs. Outdoor Hemp Flowers

Weed is now legal in 19 US States, with others working to allow access. Many have adopted liberal laws on growing your own produce. But do you know how to do it correctly?

The big decision is to grow indoors or outdoors, but both have major differences. Below, we discuss everything you need to know about growing hemp flowers. 

Indoor Hemp Flowers

Indoor hemp flowers are grown internally on a property. They usually require the use of a light system known as hydroponics to give them the correct climate. This can be costly, as they use a lot of electricity. 

As they are grown in more controlled climates, an indoor hemp plant can be a more delicate variety. The most popular are below.

  • Agent Orange
  • Zour Apple
  • Purple Punch

There is a misconception that an indoor bud produces a more potent product than outdoor weed. This is assumed to be due to environmental factors, which can be controlled more indoors. However, this does not account for the fact that indoor buds do not necessarily have higher cannabinoid and terpene counts. 

Outdoor Hemp Flowers

Outdoor hemp flowers are grown outdoors, either on a farm, garden or in the wild. However, growing outdoor hemp is not easy. It requires the right climate, with plenty of sunshine and space to grow. 

As they take a lot more punishment from the elements, specific varieties are better suited to outdoor growth due to their hardy nature. The most popular ones are below. 

  • Apple Fritter
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Frosted Lime
  • Suver Haze

Growing hemp also requires a lot of water. If you live in a dry climate, you should install an automatic sprinkler system or be willing to spend the time hosing down the plants. However, they can get too much moisture so humid climates can lead to rotting in the buds. 

Growing Hemp in a Greenhouse

It is possible to get a middle ground and grow hemp in a greenhouse. This can often be a better way to do it. As greenhouses block out ambient light during the evening, it can enhance the cycle and improve the yield. 

This does not count as growing it indoors, as you probably won't use the sophisticated equipment you do with indoor growing. However, you can still control the climate to an extent. This will also let you cut down on some of the unpredictable environmental factors, creating added consistency. 

Be aware that price will also be a factor in any growing situation. You may have to try growing two or three times before you can get the right conditions for the strains you wish to grow. You may even need to change to a different one altogether. 

Keep in mind that growing weed is difficult. You may not succeed at first, so keep trying. 

Growing Hemp Flowers

Now you know about growing hemp flowers indoors and outdoors, speak with an expert. They will have more ideas about what works best in the conditions you have and give tips on how to make your hemp growing successful. 

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